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All-Purpose Cleaner- (32 oz)  Is 100% natural,organic, biodegradable and safe. 
It cleans and sanitizes,removes dirt, grease and oil from all hard surfaces. Spray directly

onto soiled areas to eliminate odors; removes stains from fabric and cloth surfaces.

Stainless steel and glass cleaner; leaves surfaces shiny and streak free.


Allergy Free
Our ingredients are not on any allergy lists (active ingredient-organic banana bark extract) Safe for
use around those with chemical sensitivities.


100% Chemical Free Sanitizer-Kills Flu Germs-Hospital grade natural sanitizer approved by Health 

Canada for use in kitchens. It kills 99% of bacteria on contact including E-Coli and Staphylococcus.

First natural product that does not contain any chemicals to achieve this grade of sanitization.

MOR Organic Cleaner & Sanitizer- 32 oz bottle

SKU: 0115
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